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Bullying culture at work- mental health declining

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    I've been in my current job 6 months, and in that space of time, I have gone from being moderately able to cope with life to feeling out of control, helpless and on edge 24/7 not enjoying life etc.

    It's worth noting I've had a long string of problems prior to my employment, including anxiety and depression which I sought private therapy for, on my own terms. It was at the point that I felt better that I moved away and took this job.

    The workers and my boss were lovely on first impression, very jolly and happy. It did seem too good to be true, probably should've known.

    Things quickly took a nose dive; I'm constantly criticised, bickered about (sometimes I can be around the corner and can hear) so much so that it feels like I'm a ghost and I actually have to question am I hearing what I'm hearing.

    Sometimes I'm outrightwardly criticised and made to feel incompetent, but most of the times it's done under my nose, but so that I can hear it, and that is worse. While when I come back round corner it's like they never said it, and they act super nice to me.

    Management, and my boss herself are bullies, and the team below her; shift managers, runners and trainers are all very much on the same page. In fact, it's like mobbing really- the way they pick and target me. I'm like the target of running commentary within their circle, and they seem to be selective about the tasks I'm allocated. Giving me the tasks that are out of the way to make me feel less valued or whatever.

    It's the sly jokes, and banter about my performance between them that belittles me and undermines my performance even more. It really is destroying my self worth and I know HR or Upper Management won't do anything, you can tell by how they all communicate, they are like friends.

    On top of this, I'm actually disabled and while I'm not immobile I'm not as strong as others and lifting things can be a struggle. Nobody helps me out, and I struggle and get embarrassed and sometimes certain people just sit stare.

    It all happens so subtly that it's like woven into the culture as its a big fast food firm and it's very hierarchical with a lot of brownnosing.

    I suppose it's all very immature of them, they aren't the sort of people I associate with and I'm intelligent and capable, I have a degree and I'm hoping and praying I can get out soon.

    I'm not a confrontational person, and while I ain't the fastest and I may not be the most competent person, I am polite and there is no need for this treatment. *

    I cry sometimes night before I go back to work *and I'm also on medication now, and had referral for counselling. It's just a waiting game.

    What can I do guys?*

    find another job asap

    knowing you're on your way out of a toxic environment can make that last month or so a bit easier so for now concentrate on getting literally anything which will pay the bills so you can leave
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Updated: September 16, 2016
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