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Article: Will your long distance relationship last?

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    In a relationship but far apart or at different unis? We spoke to a relationship pro and they helped us put together top tips for staying together:


    (Original post by TSR)
    apps to keep long distance couples in touch like Avocado which lets you send virtual hugs to each other
    How.. cute?

    (Original post by TSR)
    It also lets you know when your other half’s battery is about to die so there is no need to get paranoid
    Actually quite a good innovation, albeit that if you're really so paranoid as to freak back if you don't hear back from your partner within mins/hours then, I'm afraid, you are simply not cut out for an LDR

    (Original post by TSR)
    those in LDRs were more likely to use social media but often did so to gauge their partner’s involvement and reported higher levels of jealousy
    We live in the age we do. Feminism + technology mean that checking up is inevitable. Even I would do it and I'm just about as narcissistic/secure/stoical a cat as you can get

    (Original post by TSR)
    share things with them that might get misinterpreted if you were to send them by text
    This is near the top of my list of pro-tips. I've never had a full blown argument, ever, with a girl in person (I'm masculine/firm, but fair, and females respond positively [somewhat deferentially/submissively] to these qualities). When it comes to virtual communication, and text-based in particular, however, there's more space for miscommunication/misinterpretation and callous/disrespectful behaviour (I've had a fair few arguments that got blown out of all proportion via such mediums)

    (Original post by TSR)
    try to tackle any feelings of jealous that arise by being honest and open with each other
    Furthermore, before entering any relationship/making a fundamental change, always try to communicate, from the outset, what your wants/needs are, and agree policy ex ante. Don’t leave it until you’re at distance to tell someone what you expect of them, have things squared beforehand so uncertainty is minimised. This may even include spelling out what the boundaries are with respect to cheating, and promising each other to be candid about any related indiscretions as well as underlining the vital importance of this in terms of sexual health. If either one of you are not sufficiently empathetic/mature to have such a slightly awkward conversation then, again, you really ought to consider whether an adult LDR is appropriate/workable

    (Original post by TSR)
    try not to jump to conclusions if you see (probably innocent) pictures on social media!
    Equally, don’t get mugged off, and again make it clear what you expect to see from your partner – their social media image can impact on your psychosocial well-being too, and they ought to show reasonable sensitivity in respect of this

    (Original post by TSR)
    What better way to keep the relationship alive than by surprising your partner when they least expect it?
    Just don’t do this around important exams, for God’s sake!

    For some reason it posted my comment twice. Please delete one or other comment, as I can't seem to myself. Ta

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Updated: September 12, 2016
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