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Do I go for Japan or (South) Korea?

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    (Original post by Ninjasrule)
    Thanks for the info!

    I would definitely like to get to some open days. I'll have to look into booking a couple of weekends off work next month. I'm currently juggling both full-time work and college, the joys of being a mature student!

    So you are able to study 2 languages on the Asia Pacific Studies course? As on UCAS the course is split into 4 pathways. I've looked at both that course and the Modern Languages (Japanese and Chinese) course at UCLan.

    Linguistics is of interest to me. That and English Language are two subjects that i've been looking to combine with one language where studying Japanese and Chinese together isn't possible.

    (Original post by Cll_ws)
    No problem!

    I know the feeling! I'm doing a distance learning course while also working (although only part-time) D:

    These are the next open days according to UCLan's site:

    Sunday 25 September
    Sunday 16 October
    Saturday 12 November

    If you can't make any of those dates, get in contact with them and they can arrange to have someone show you around and if you're lucky, you might be able to sit in on a couple of lectures and seminars.

    Yep, you can study 2 with APS as well but it's not equal weighting and I think you can only attend a uni of your main language during your abroad year (not sure on this, so I'll ask someone and find out).

    UCLan teaches Linguistics too so if you had any credits left over, you could study a module of theirs as an elective. You can see some of the other modules available commonly taken by APS students if you go back onto the page and find their course handbook in the blue box at the bottom of the page - click on 2016 Entry

    If you want to look at Linguistics modules then do the same as above but on the English Language & Linguistics page.
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Updated: September 21, 2016
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