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re dominoes

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    hi all let me shed some light on dominoes shall i first of all i got a job at dominoes as a driver thats what people think nope this is fact fact one you go on shift log in and then you make boxes up if no orders fact two the orders come through and you bag up your order and also stick the stickers on the boxes while bagging up fact when you start they say you will take one order at atime not true not 1 not two not three but sometimes four thats why they go cold plus they expect drivers to deliver within 15 mins and they tell you to get back as quick as you can fact believe me ive done it some shifts could start at say 4 pm till 1 am when it gets to one am without a break you ask to go they more often say no because theres more orders coming through 5.50 am nxt day i got home from a 4pm start fact everything i tell you is truth so i left............ three cars damaged because of excessive mileage when you tell them they just say its part of the job fact now the nxt best thing is this i walked out but each time i park my car in houghton even though im not in a dominoes car spot they wait for me to pass the shop then pounce on me and stick stupid notes on my car like saying this is for dominoes parking only but on a night they park double parked on yellow lines and you cant get through they are just being arsey because they dont put them on any other cars its because they know my car and think its funny well think again dominoes touch my car again police will be phoned when you phone up and complain nothing gets done nothing all true and all facts /////////////////////////////////////////////////
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