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Youtube partner for pranks in london

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    Hi my name is Sid and i am looking for a youtube partner for my channel and hope you've clicked here for the same reason .
    I live in east london and will love if you live near me that would be owesome coz is going to be easy for both of us to commute,any way even if you're not close but still in london will do .
    I am 100 % committed person in what i want to do and do achieve it ....
    I want you to be 100% committed thats gonna be the only reason for success.
    Now i got all the equipments needed to film pranks and along i will be buying more stuff too i know a lil bit about editing i made 1 video with my friend but he is not into as much as i am and i dont want to be stuck in the middle after starting .
    Financial stuff can be discussed about later ...
    I will be shooting atleast 2 videos a week to start and will be uploading on exact dates every week trust me is going yo be fun 😉
    Leave me a PM ....
    Thanks have fun .....

    Hey dude. I have read your post and everything that your saying is exactly what my aim is with achieving prank videos. With halloween coming up the time for pranking is just right. I believe in doing real pranks and am committed to getting real reactions even if that means embarassing myself. Currently I have a reall good walking dead full costume and an idea for a prank would be to simply walk in to a restaurant (maybe like nandos) creep in like a walker and just sit down until they try to kick me (or you) out. Sounds simple but I can guarantee it would get good reactions. Im situated near west hampstead and am driving so im flexible with where we can do these pranks! Hope to hear from you soon dude.
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    O perfect sounds good send me your number in PM ill get back then

    Why do people actually watch this garbage on YouTube? It's just chavvy youths making fools of themselves.

    I wouldn't actually mind doing something like this, I love youtube prank videos. But just 2 things.

    1. I just watched parts of The Human Centipede and Hostel 3 on Netflix and I'm just worried that if it's a meet up, I'll be knocked out and wake
    up in some weird experiment/ trap house.

    2. It's not one of those videos where you go around threatening/ insulting people and running away saying "it's just a prank bro." but still getting the hell beaten out of you.

    Genuinely funny pranks are rare on Youtube. 'Social experiments' however are never funny nor interesting.

    If you're going to physically harm or traumatise someone then you can just f*ck off.

    Did you get my pm/contact details?
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Updated: October 4, 2016
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