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I fear I will offend my new flatmates

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    Don't make any offensive jokes to people you don't know too well. Because, regardless of intention and innocence, you will be strung up like a pig and gutted. So just don't put yourself in those situations. Once you've built a rapport with them and have gone passed that base were you roast each other, then you can start having some harmless fun. It's all about who you say them to. I get 'sexist' jokes sometimes, but it's a joke. It's cheeky, and it's dished back at them, and it's between people who I know well to very well.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Frankie Boyle and onwards are a little bit **** in my opinion.
    Everyone has their level.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I don't think we should be either but according to some people at my old school things like this are unacceptable. I also love the "Omar Mateen must be a wizard. He turned 53 fruits into vegetables." and "What do you call a kid with one arm, one eye and one leg? Names."
    I'm a bit more skeptical about the Omar Mateen joke. I think the War on Terror is serious business, and I'd mostly refrain from making jokes about particular incidents where people died. But that's a personal preference

    (Original post by oueoue)
    if your jokes include some sort of racism, i wouldn't call it a 'joke'
    tbh my black and asian friends tell racist jokes all the time. It's fine as long as you've been friends for a while

    If racist jokes are such an integral part of your idiosyncrasies that you're worried you'll be unpopular without them, i'd suggest you dispatch them all together and try growing up.

    No i'm not PC but you'll learn that in the adult world things like that aren't going to go unnoticed, at best you'll be seriously reprimanded for whatever job you're doing or possibly charged with hate speech, at worst you'll get the **** beaten out of you.

    It's evident you're wise enough to know why people wouldn't like these jokes, so use that common sense to not make such jokes unless surrounded by other racist individuals.

    Don't joke, do drugs instead - Less harmful
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Updated: September 12, 2016
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