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What should I do?

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    So I went shopping for my birthday the other week and picked up a really nice jacket/coat in Forever 21. My parents are getting it me for my birthday, so today I went on their website and looked through the womens section and as I browsed I never noticed the coat anywhere.

    I was starting to worry a bit and just happened to check the mens section, only to find the coat there. I'm so gutted. My mum always came down on me for liking boys stuff when I was younger and she currently has the coat in her wardrobe, before she wraps it. I snuck up and checked the coat to find it said mens on the very bottom of the label.

    When I bought it the coat was on the top floor of the shop which was all womens stuff so I didn't think to check and there was a whole rail of them so it's not like it was on it's own. It was a good few weeks ago and I don't have the reciept. I also still really like the coat. I cut the very bottom of the label off so she wouldn't see it was mens, but there is a forever 21 mens label sewn into the back of the jacket!

    I'm so upset :'( I was really excited about the jacket, it was just what I was looking for and it fit me really well, which is usually hard for me in shops like that.

    Any advice?

    What would happen if your mother found out? Also, how old are you?

    I buy clothes from the men's section all the time. If I like it, I wear it. The only reason that coat is in the men's section in that shop is because someone deemed it masculine. It could just as easily be listed as unisex elsewhere, or even for women depending on the coat. Regardless, it shouldn't matter. My personal advice is to just not worry about it for now and wait until she notices. If she says anything then explain what happened but that you still like the coat and still insist on wearing it.

    If your mother will be especially harsh on you and being outspoken isn't the way to go then just calmly explain what section it was in and that it looks feminine/unisex anyway.

    My mother wouldn't get away with calling me out on what I want to wear in this way, you're not her mini-me. You are your own person with your own set of opinions and thoughts and if you're happy to wear a coat with a men's label, you do it girl.
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    Thanks for the advice! I'm 21 but my parents have always been very sensitive about me liking boys stuff. They stopped me sitting with boys at dinner in primary school, moaned about me liking me boys tv shows and would force me to wear dresses at family events when I was younger. They don't really mention in now but I don't really want to open all the arguing up again.

    To be honest it is quite unisex, it's plain black and could be easily mistaken I think.

    Wow, they seem very concerned about the subject. I would honestly just continue as you are and if they bring it up you need only remind them you're 21 years old and wearing whatever you want is perfectly allowed.

    Just hope they don't notice though I guess, arguing is never very nice and I would want to avoid to confrontation as well. Best of luck, I'm sorry you've struggled with such a thing. Seems like it's been quite restrictive for you.
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    Thanks for your help, I feel better knowing other girls wear mens stuff sometimes!
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Updated: September 12, 2016
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