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Who else thinks it's DUMB to take your fiance wedding dress shopping??

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    It spoils the moment when he sees you walking down the isle in the dress (as he would already know what you look like in it). Is nothing sacred anymore ???



    Me and my bf aren't sticking to that dress tradition or the one about spending the night before the wedding apart either . I don't think it's dumb or bad luck or whatever to go against any of the typical wedding traditions, each couple is different and they shouldn't feel the need to conform to every tradition if they don't like to.

    My partner's already seen my dress and probably will see me try it on in person before the wedding. He's asked me to go kilt shopping with him as he doesn't know the first thing about shopping. I don't find seeing your partner in their wedding clothes for the first time at the wedding to be that sacred. It's the fact you're ready to commit to one another and say and mean your vows to one another that I find more sacred and more exciting , not what they are wearing :love:

    Each to their own, though. I can see why couples do stick to the usual wedding traditions and I can see why others do things their own way

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    doesnt bother me

    I personally see it as very bad luck and plan to not have a single male relative see me in my dress before the wedding day. That's if I ever get married.
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Updated: September 12, 2016
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