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What do you think of my suggestions.

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    Punishments for bad driving:

    Causing obstruction (causing traffic to build up behind you, blocked someone in etc):
    Small fine but no points.

    Less than 10mph over the speed limit: Official warning. Lasts 3 years. Points/fines thereafter.
    Greater than 10mph: As is. However in the case of national speed limit roads, if the driver posed no risk to other people (95mph on an empty motorway) then no punishment is necessary.

    Repeated minor offenses
    Moderate fine and 3 points for each offence.

    Drink driving
    Just a bit over the limit: 3 month driving ban and substantial fine.
    Significantly over: 1 year ban and have to reapply for license and redo test. Huge fine.
    Several times over: Lifetime ban. Prison sentence may apply depending on situation. Huge fine with no defined limit.

    Careless driving:
    Minimum of 6 points points and big fine. Possible ban if seriously bad altho that would likely fall into dangerous driving.

    Dangerous driving
    Minimum of 10 year ban. Reapply and redo test. Ban starts on release date if jailed. Causing death or serious injury by way of reckless driving would be lifetime ban. Minimum of 10 years prison is appropriate. There is no limit on fines or imprisonment. Serious stuff this.

    Fines would also be based on income. No good a footballer only having to pay £100 for a traffic offence and having the same fine for the same offence for someone who is on minimum wage. The penalty is way more harsh for someone on low income, while for the footballer he practically gets away with it.

    Typically some sort of judgment is required to issue appropriate punishment. Situations vary and so should the penalties. However the really mad stuff can not be tolerated regardless.
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    On second thoughts repeated offences mean that you havent learned your lesson, still a useless driver and a danger to everyone. Lifetime ban.

    I think the one for speeding is a good idea, especially the one if you're on an empty motorway say at 3am in the morning.

    On drink driving, I think the limit should be zero anyway.

    The others, I'm not sure how it would work. Our prisons are full enough as it is.

    I disagree however on fines being based on income. You either have a fine or don't.

    Wouldn't be easy to quantify whether or not any other drivers were at risk due to your speeding in many cases. You'd have to actually be witnessed first person by a police officer, there would be no way of telling if it was a speed camera for example.

    (Original post by Anonymoùs)
    How rude. There is no need for that kind of language.
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Updated: September 15, 2016
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