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What is meant by the 'energies of orbitals'?

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    Just started AS chemistry and obviously something that's changed a lot since GCSE is the orbital stuff. I thought I understood it until I asked myself what the textbook actually means when it talks about the energies of orbitals.
    Eg. I was just looking back over the IE topic in the textbook and it said "the 3p orbital is of a slightly higher energy than the 3s orbital" which is why it requires less energy to remove the electron in the 3p orbital?? But in class we learnt that it is because the p orbital is slightly further from the nucleus...unless this is the same thing?

    I also thought that an orbital was a region of space around an atomic nucleus where there is a high probability of finding an electron (or something like that)

    It doesn't really make sense to say the p orbital is "further away" from the nucleus. Comment on the electron density the orbital model predicts.

    In general, the more diffuse the orbital (the more electron density is further from the nucleus), the higher the orbital energy.

    It works in a similar way to gravity: the further the electron is from the nucleus, the less strongly attracted it is to the nucleus. Therefore it takes less energy to remove an electron which is further away from the nucleus.

    Hey,There is a video on this youtube channel that talk about atomic structure (including orbitals) and another video on how to fill orbitals. Might be worth checking it out? They are short videos that are ideal for revising or getting a second view on something More videos will go up as time goes on and at the end of the video he says to message if there is any topic you want covered! Ideal if you don't understand something Here is the link to his channel - Chemistry Student Teacher, who is doing a Masters in Chemistry https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxy...b_R5xoWoDFcWzw
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Updated: September 13, 2016
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