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    There are barely an Accounting and Finance PS' online, the ones available are either really old or just bad or both. Does anyone know/have a good A&F personal statement that they could let me read maybe? As the subject is kind of broad I am unsure on the type of stuff I should talk about/how to balance it hence me now looking for PS' to give me a feel.

    You really need to write your own PS rather than use someone else's as a template. Plagiarism is very real. Have you tried our PS builder tool (see below)? Have a look at course structures to get an idea of what will be taught and read around those subjects. You basically want to talk about your interest in the subject and why you want to study it. What are your specific interests and how have you gone about developing them?

    Personal statements are pretty universal no matter what course you're applying for. The general structure and things you want to include (and not include) are the same for most courses. For example do include work experience, hobbies and interests, non-academic relevant stuff and so on. Don't include grades, don't plagiarise and so on.

    What exactly to include depends on you and your experiences. One personal statement might include that time someone worked as an accountant for a few weeks. That's not something you can include if you didn't work as an accountant though.

    Reading an existing personal statement is a bad idea. Even if you don't intent to copy it you'll be influenced and may subconsciously copy bits. It's far better to look at templates or rules rather than fully written personal statements.

    And realistically you need to be able to write them without looking at anything. For university there's lots of resources to help but when you apply for a job you won't be able to research what exactly to include so easily. Get the experience writing it yourself with no help.
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Updated: September 13, 2016
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