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A100 Edinburgh - Applying from England with Band 2 SJT

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    Posting here to ask if anyone has any information about the points required to get an offer from Edinburgh for Medicine when applying from England (ie rest of UK). The general consensus across TSR is that 38/40 is needed on their points system, but how closely do they look at those who are just below that threshold?

    My stats are
    11 A*s at GCSE
    predicted 4 A*s at A Level with an A in my only non-linear AS subject
    823 UKCAT average
    Band 2 SJT

    From reading the admissions policy I think I have full points for academic (above 7 A*s at GCSE, above A*AAa for predictions and confidently above the threshold for the top octile for UKCAT) but I've lost 2 points from getting band 2 instead of band 1. My question is that, if I lost points on my personal statement and I ended up with a total of around 36 or 37/40, would they reject me on my points or is the idea of 38/40 flexible and open to interpretation? My stats, especially UKCAT, are relatively higher than the minimum required to score max points for each section, but I don't know whether that would be overlooked by say a computerised ranking that doesn't differentiate between 740 and 823 average. I would really appreciate it if anyone had any details about the scoring thresholds since the data doesn't seem readily available from Edinburgh themselves and it would be nice to know whether I would realistically need a perfect 6/6 personal statement score to have a chance.

    tl;dr - Anyone have any information about score needed for Edinburgh A100 offer for rest of UK applicants? Is there a chance with lower than 38/40 or would I need a perfect personal statement to stand a chance?

    I do think with such a high UKCAT score, even if you get 37/40, you could get an offer as they rank candidates by UKCAT afterwards. So you'll be at the top of the 37 pile for example. Statistically the highest score they've rejected was 37 so 38/40 is just an educated guess that would guarantee you a place but I'm sure a 37 wouldn't harm you.
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Updated: September 18, 2016
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