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Graduate applicant... How's my chances?

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    Hi Everyone,

    Not really sure why im posting this? Perhaps its because its felt like such a long, uphill battle. As the culmination of all this work approaches im getting more and more unsure of my chances.

    Im not applying to medical school until 2017 so this post is somewhat premature. However, having sat the UKCAT recently to see what itd be like and having not prepared as well as i could have i thought now was as good a time as any.

    I have an average GCSE profile;
    1 x A* , 7 x A's, 1 x B, 1 x C
    Didn't do A-levels at the time as my college admissio ns tutor convinced me medicine wasnt a good idea and that i should try something else... i did and i hated it :' so left college to do an access course in health professions.

    Access to HE Diploma:
    45 level 3 credits @ Distinction
    3 level 3 credits @ Merit

    Currently studying Biomedical Science at University (Now a second year). Gained a 1st in all 6 modules and hoping to repeat that this year.
    Sitting my chemistry a-level in 2017 and predicted an A as long as everything goes to plan.

    Completed a weeks worth of work experience in my local hospital and currently work in a nursing home for about 7 months. Have also shadowed other health professionals.

    VR - 670
    QR - 720
    AR - 590 (definitely needs more work )
    SJT - Band 1

    Sitting the BMAT this year so i know what to expect when i sit it in 2017... preparing a lot more for this.

    Not really sure where my application would fit best. Im looking to apply to a mix of undergraduate and graduate entry programmes ideally however if i can improve my UKCAT next year by some substantial margin i might push for the GEM route only.
    Looking to apply to Southampton, Nottingham, Leeds and Barts and the London.

    Any thoughts or opinions? Whilst im passionate and driven i sometimes wonder if as an average, mature and unconventional candidate whether im in for a chance or just kidding myself.

    You really need to sit down and match your profile with entry requirements and work out where is best for you to apply. TSR has a load of resources but no one can do that for you.
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    Thats what ive tried to do hence my prospective choices. Ive looked through the list of medical schools and tried to choose ones where my profile meets the requirements.
    However, as someone whos never applied to medicine before i was just trying to garner opinion as to whether anyone with a similar experience who has applied before had any insight that might be useful.
    Cheers anyway for the comment; perhaps this wasnt the best place to ask

    Most people who apply for medicine are applying for the first time! The point I'm trying to make is that opinions or not, no one can make these decisions for you because no one knows you well enough or what your circumstances are. Your best bet is to work through this yourself. Feel free to come back with specific questions but generally this is really is something for you to work out.

    Dude I have so much empathy for you.

    The reality is you are not 'average'. You are exceptional. You decided you wanted to become a doctor and you have spent the past 2yrs of your life (at least?) headed towards that goal, making sure you leave no stone unturned. By doing the UKCAT this year you have identified areas of weakness and you know what to expect when you take it again next year. Same goes for BMAT.*

    Mature and unconventional applicants are a breath of fresh air. I have every confidence you will pull out a PS that reflects how awesome you are. You are resilient, committed, patient, not afraid of the hard graft. You know that you only get what you want if you work for it.*

    What I would suggest you do now is apply for HCA jobs. Get some paid hospital/clinical experience within the NHS. With your current work experience and overall aspirations you do stand a good chance. You will also make friends with other HCAs/nurses/FY1 and FY2s who are an invaluable source of information.

    If you can afford to finance the undergraduate then you stand more of a chance of entry into any of them that view the Access favourably. If they don't mention the Access or say they don't accept it then send their admissions an e-mail outlining your academic profile and ask if they would still consider you. They probably will.*

    If finances are an issue then GEM is obviously much more realistic, go for that first and DO NOT limit yourself. If you pull off the aptitude tests next year you could apply for ANY grad course.

    All the best to you, you can do this.*
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