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Loan and benefits

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    I'm asking here, because I'm not sure which option to choose when calling SFE on the phone.

    With the previous loan for undergraduate studies we used to get separate invoices how much we are getting for tuition fees and how much for maintenance.

    Currently, I know that the PG loan is one sum and we need to pay the fees ourselves and use the rest as we please for books or food, etc.

    However, when applying for Job seekers allowance (even before I've started uni), they want me to provide a letter from SFE saying how much I would get for tuition fees and how much would I be spending for living expenses (they don't accept the general letter with scheduled payments).

    Question is - Can we get such letter, because I told the lady that it is highly unlikely, although she kept repeating that this was the practice "before". I assumed she is not familiar with the new loan.

    So if this is the case, congrats to part-time students, who are also looking for work. If there is no such letter from SFE and you are getting the £10,000, then you are not eligible for any benefits (although the governmental min for savings is 16k..? I don't know anymore...) If anyone has any information - I would really appreciate it. Thanks!xoxo,Chip
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Updated: September 13, 2016
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