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Explore learning vs tesco

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    Hi guys,
    I've got an offer for both part time tutor at explore learning and customer assistant at tesco. I feel like explore learning will be more beneficial for me in the long term but tesco pays a lot more per hour. Idk what to do What would you guys pick and why?

    i work here and love it


    I have worked at both Explore and Tesco, Tesco was a temporary Christmas job as a checkout assistant, I earnt a lot of money over the month but it was very repetitive and I didn't find the staff very friendly but that might just be the store that I was working at! Also just as a heads up I believe they give you contract hours and they have 'flexi hours' which are on top of your contract so you could end up taking on more than you can do!

    I currently work at Explore and I absolutely love it, the job is very rewarding and fun, there are regular appraisals which usually end with a payrise, there is alot of support to help you learn more within the centre and the shifts are very flexible as well as this the rest of the staff members are all around the same age so are more than understanding if you need cover etc! However the shifts are very short usually 4 hours max!

    Personally I prefer explore but it depends on if you need the money or you are looking for a fun easy working environment!

    Only worked at Tesco but I have left after 8 weeks due to receiving a better job offer. I'm not sure on other stores but it was very repetitive and I carried out the same tasks 4 days a week Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday early mornings and I really thought there was more to life than stacking shelves for 6 hours straight as I was only allowed on the tills on a Thursday morning for 2 hours. I bet other stores are not like this one but it's something to consider, definitely.

    I work at Tesco currently and although I do the same stuff day in day out (3 days a week) I'm only there to earn some money while being a student. I don't go there expecting to enjoy myself. With that being said, the other staff are friendly and it's not bad. If you are under 18 you'l struggle to find other jobs paying as well as Tesco, that may be something to consider. At the end of the day, I assume you are just looking to earn some cash and it isn't your career plan so I'd personally go for what pays more. Good luck with your decision.
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Updated: September 18, 2016
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