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A hated guy willing to turn my life round for good

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    Basically I am in my early 20s and I have now to a realization that the reason why people do not like me or speak to me much is because I have done something to piss them off. Like these are small subtle things that I did not take into account at the time and plus I had some form of anxiety or depression - so I could not think straight.

    A lot of people don't like me and I am starting to not care much about them now either but the thing is - I want to get rid of my bad traits as my birthday is coming round the corner. I think I am too nice to people who don't like me too.

    My recent holiday abroad has changed my perception and outlook on life and I have definitely considered changing some parts of my life. I never had a girlfriend in my life and I really want one - but oh too bad I can't get one because I am now an unemployed graduate

    your sounding like undiagnosed Autism, I am guessing you are a straight A student?

    maybe get yourself tested for Autism. Serious.
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    (Original post by Luke7456)
    your sounding like undiagnosed Autism, I am guessing you are a straight A student?

    maybe get yourself tested for Autism. Serious.
    I did get a First at university but that was through hard work.

    Sorry but what has autism got to do with anything here????

    hard to explain maybe due to my autism lol.

    Many people on the autistic spectrum never get diagnosed or find themselves diagnosed later in life. your post just seems similar to stories I have read about people who get diagnosed later in life.

    Normally finding that you offend people without realizing why and tend to be a bit of a social outcast are associated with finding out you are in fact on the autistic spectrum.

    I am probably biased here because I have a hypothesis that Genetic autism is not even a disability but can sometimes become one in the wrong circumstances. So my saying you might have autism is not saying you have a disorder/disability.

    I disagree with mainstream psychology on this one so make of that what you will. May be worth getting yourself tested though.

    I mean if you are in fact on the spectrum then at least you know of difficulties you face and can get help with the social skills etc.

    the selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins is a brilliant book and comes close to actually mathematically explaining human behavior at least the parts i did not understand until I read that book. It reignited my passion for mathematics and I normally have a habit of recommending it to anyone either confirmed on the spectrum or who i suspect of been as well as to just people i feel may be interested.

    I really think this work should go down as one of the all time great pieces of literature/human achievement. I think Dawkins deserves to be in the same class as Einstein, Newton, and Darwin.

    That is a statement coming from me because Richard Dawkins is definitely not on the autistic spectrum, and I do have a bias for bestowing the Genius Label on Autistic individuals or the autistic Label on Genius.

    Einstein Newton and Darwin clearly were Autistic, though I am sure some would disagree.
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Updated: September 13, 2016
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