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6 hours of lessons without any break !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    So yeah as you can see the title my sisters' sixth-form has no break or lunch !!!!
    one of my sister has 6 lessons in row without any break or lunch and form 9 in the morning and my other sister has 4 lessons in row without any breaks, and they are not the only one ! Is that even LEGAL ??????????

    I was in the same sixthform and I had a break form 20 mins from 10:20 till 11:00 and the lunch was from 13:30 till 14:15 but this year the new principle changed everything, no breaks anymore and the reason for that is some students used to go out during break and not return back for the other lesson so the solution is to take the break time off from the time table ! and there is no proper lunch time anymore , the student can only have lunch when they don't have a lesson at the time of lesson 3,4 and 5 - you get what I mean right?-
    It is a weird thing and I don't know how the students gonna concentrate in the lesson if they don't have a break to eat, relax and even go to toilets !

    Thanx GOD I finished my alevels this June, I feel so bad for them

    Sixth-formers tend to be undisciplined, unfocused and petulant. Your Principle is going to be in for a surprise when reality informs him that haggard and hungry students are not going to produce better work.

    and they tell us "your brain can't focus for more than 50 mins at a time!"
    im sure they would let them go to the toilets if they ask - my 6th form had 20 min break in the morning and lunch was an hour and we still got to go to the toilet during lesson if we really needed to.

    Tell your sisters to take a packed lunch and sit there eating it at 12:30, as long as she isn't in the lab they can't really be like "wait til you starve" or "wait til your free" cos she ain't got one

    also how is this not illegal :dontknow: over the coming weeks a few people will faint and that should get the principal to rethink
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Updated: September 13, 2016
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