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Concerned with my Access to Science course

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    So i'm two weeks into this course studying chem, bio and physics.
    I do 2 days a week, 1 day is physics and bio, the other is chem and study skills.

    We have already been set an assignment for physics which is partially a group experiment in class. Not too concerned about that just yet.

    In Bio we also have an assignment. Part A involves choosing an organ system and writing about it (500 words) with diagrams to include organ cells and different types of tissues.

    I want to get stuck in now but i simply cant because I dont know enough. The assignment outline is vague so i dont want to spend a few hours on it only to be told ive waffled on about nonsense and have to start over.
    Is anyone else feeling this way? It seems the course is set up so you have to go at the pace the tutor gives you, but i want to get things done now.

    I've tried having a go and looking at various sites, but i just find myself copying what the website says whilst slightly changing the sentences since I cant think of a way to word it better myself. The system we send the assignments through has software built in to stop people copying eachother but not sure if that applies to online articles.

    Part A is due in mid October. I just dont like having assignments looming which i cant do yet

    Inevitably you will almost be copy and pasting things at times. Just make sure you reword things and change the formatting of the info enough so it's not recognisably the same.

    If something works a certain way then all you can do is repeat the information as to how it works but in your own words as much as possible.

    This is the part of Access that's boring af.

    (Original post by AccessToUni25)
    ... The system we send the assignments through has software built in to stop people copying eachother but not sure if that applies to online articles...
    Yes, it does. You have to assume that anything that has been printed or published online is in the database.
    It's best to read your source(s) thoroughly, make sure you understand it, then put it away and write it in your own words. (It can help to make bullet points as you go through). You can check afterwards if you missed anything out.
    At university, plagiarism is ranked just below murder, so the sooner you learn how to use sources without copying, the better.

    The best advice I can give you is to pick an organ system, do some background reading and make a spidergram of how you will structure your assignment. Show this to your tutor-it's not a final copy so they can read through and comment.

    When you come to writing it, write it as if you were trying to teach it to someone who doesn't understand it, use plain English obviously, and include in-line referencing of the sources you use.

    Always, always, always check on the front of your assignment where it lists the assessment criteria ie 1:2 Knows the structure of an organ system and links structure to function. Read back through the work you,ve produced, does it fulfil this criteria?

    Don't forget that you can copy diagrams off reliable websites, just ensure that you reference them. And yes you do just reword the information that you have read, at the end of the day with biology the information is factual, so you can't include any personal opinion
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Updated: September 16, 2016
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