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Platos forms criticisms

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    Throw out some criticisms for Plato's theory of the forms!

    (Original post by Chloe8585)
    Throw out some criticisms for Plato's theory of the forms!
    🐜Plato believes that our experience of the forms predates our birth- he believed that we have knowledge of the forms due to our souls living in the world of the form before arriving in the finite world. Aristotle on the other hand argued that these forms were developed through continued experience of physical things. For example,we know the ‘form’ of a dog through the habit of seeing a dog. 🐜Surely concepts like perfection, beauty and good belong in a realm of language and not a world of form. Secondly, how can we define these concepts? Surely they are relative terms influenced and changed by society. There doesn't seem to be agreement on them; they can change completely. Therefore, how can they really relate to the forms if the ideal forms are supposed to be unchanging and eternal?🐜 If the single form of an object is perfect, are there various other forms for the imperfect objects in the finite world?
    🐜The Third Man Argument:This is the argument that there must be an endless number of ideal forms, thus suggesting that there is no one ideal form, only an endless stream. For example, if the form of a man is the ideal man, than surely this ideal man must be an imitation of another ideal man and so on.

    hopefully that helps

    I was very into Plato's philosophy, but in this English description, I have an odd feeling that I have never read anything about it.

    Greek philosophy should be studied in ancient greek, translation to modern language may be highly misleading.
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Updated: September 15, 2016
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