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a Girl I met lied about her age but I am still seing her?

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    (Original post by hunter king)
    I met this girl in November 2015, when I met her I remember her telling me she was 23 years old, I mean when she told me that I did not question it, because you would not expect her to lie about her age , in the new year I found she had lied, I remember she had a passport in her house, I cannot remember how I came across it in her house when I was there I not sure, but I found her date of birth was July 2001 which meant when I met her last November she was 14 not 23,as she had told off course I was shocked and frightened as she was underage, she seemed to really like me and I could not, although I should have called it off, I could not because I had become attracted to he4r , and I am still seeing her. I mean I do not sleep with her or have sex with her as that would be wrong, but do you think there is a issue here, I am 29 and she is 15? but surely if I do not sleep or have sex with or anything like that and I do not hurt her or anything then there are no issues, I mean I know she is 14 years my junior but at the end of the day if she likes me and I like her then surely that is all that matters at the end of the day? I mean her parents do not know about it it is better that way as I sure I could be in a bit of trouble Do you think I should break up or stay with her?
    Very far-fetched. If you're making this up, you're a creep. If you're not making it up, you're still a creep.

    Why would you want to be with her after she lied to such an extent? She's clearly immature and not serious about the relationship otherwise she wouldn't have lied.
    You as a 29 year old man should be mature enough to see that's she's just using you for the experience.
    If people find out or her parents then all the blame would be on your part. Get rid of her quickly, it's not worth the stress. She'll get over it quickly as well when she meets someone her own age.

    This is prob a troll. However, for others who (may?) be in the same situation. Leave her.

    If you like her and she likes you don't break it off … you can either confront her or carry on pretending that you didn't know as long as you don't have sex
    Maybe it's a false passport?
    Also y were you looking around at her stuff unless you didn't trust her?

    (Original post by UWS)
    why are you in every relationship thread ever?

    I think its a troll similar to the one about the girl being forced into a threesome. Attention seeking child.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I'm Chris Hansen with Dateline NBC, why don't you have a seat over there?
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Updated: September 18, 2016
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