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Temporary absence questionnaire

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    I'm an Italian student. I always been resident in Italy since I was born. I went to the USA for a semester more than one year ago for studying. This is the first time I apply for the loan and In order to be precise I wrote it in the section where I was asked about my residence during the three years before the start of the course that I went to the USA for studying. I realised that I should not have written it because it was a temporary absence and my residence remained in Italy. They sent me a temporary absence questionnaire to complete. I did it and attached other documents to prove it. Howeve, I would like to get a confirmation, because my future depends on that and I am really concerned about it.
    Thank you for the attention,
    Kind regards,

    Hi giuligiuli

    You have done the correct thing by declaring your absence and completing the form. The assessors will now process the application, if anything further is required they will write to you. If the application is approved you will get an award letter by post. If you would like to check on the status of it please call the EU team: 0141 243 3570

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    Thank you Pamela.
    The fact is that I didn't change the residence and so maybe I shouldn't have written it, because I have never been a resident of the USA. I lived there, but I was not resident. In any case I attached a certificate of residence that declares that I always been resident in Italy, the letters from the American school that states that I was there for a semester, some bills paid by my parents back to the period in which I was there and a document that states that they are my parents. My course starts at the beginning of October and I really need the loan, because otherwise I can't go to university. I couldn't imagine that a semester of studying abroad could make me not eligible for the loan. Do you think that I should also send my passport in which there is the visa for student that I got in order to go there?

    Thank you for your attention

    Hi again

    If you have already sent your evidence of identity and evidence of your studies, this should be sufficient. As you state it was a small gap while you were studying so should not affect your application for funding.

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Updated: September 14, 2016
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