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Feeling forced into my university course

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    Waddup. I'm in a bit of a dilemma.
    So basically, anything drama I'm all over like a wet flannel, drama is my calling and has been for time now. Anyway, I've just started the process of applying for UCAS and looking at my 5 university choices. So far, all of my 4 current choices are drama (obviously).
    My dad is of the belief that drama isn't "real" (genuinely, he thinks its fake). He's trying so hard to force me into nursing, mainly midwifery. Hes gone and booked an open day for it and is refusing to listen to me and isn't the slightest bit interested in coming to the open days for drama. The problem I have is that my dad and I are really close and he's using that to try and force me to listen. Im really conscious of upsetting him? SO what do??
    Did anyone else feel under pressure to keep their parents happy rather than go for what you want? If so how do you sOLVE THIS I AM GOING CRAZY

    At the end of the day, you're the one that's gonna have to pay the university back for what you study, not him. As much as your dad and you are close, any advice from anyone should be taken with a pinch of salt, because you are going to be the one that has to live with the consequences.

    Ultimately, I would imagine that your parents would be happy if you were happy doing something that you wanted to do, many people don't even get the chance to come this far but you have and I have no doubt your parents are immensely proud of you. Do what you want to do, not what your dad wants you to do, because should you end up not liking nursing or midwifery, you'll have to live with it and not him and you'll hate yourself and your father for it.

    No disrespect to your Dad, but tell him to get lost, it's your life, not his.

    Your father is probably right

    Just tell him you wouldn't get in anyway.
    It's extremely competitive and if you don't want to do it, don't have a passion for it and have no knowledge of it, you'll fail to even be invited for interview.
    And if all your other choices are drama, how are you planning on writing a personal statement that covers that as well as midwifery? Or even nursing?

    To be honest, you need to stand up to him and tell him it's your future and it's your life and your decision to make. Not his.

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    The others all make valid points. However, as a parent and as someone who does career coaching I can see your father's point. He wants you to have a stable vocation and for you to be secure when you finish university, doing a rewarding job.*

    The fact of the matter is, drama does not offer that security and it is not a degree that necessarily leads into most graduate jobs either. I do know someone who studied musical theatre and dance at a well regarded school and she now works (three years after graduating) in a London department store. She's at the point now where she can't afford to keep doing a job to fund a career. She's coming close to jacking it in. She's glad she did it but she's accepting that this is not something she can make a living doing. She's possibly going to set up a dance school and she will let that be that, maybe doing pantomime and stuff but no longer having it as her career goal.*

    an acting career is a matter not of talent or ability but luck. It's not a career many people make a living doing. Having said that, if you love acting you can always do it as a hobby. You could do almost any degree at university and carry on doing drama alongside it. Many major actors outside of the theatre got started this way. Keep that in mind too.*

    I think you would do well to consider a vocational degree and meet your father in the middle a bit. Doing drama at university will not necessarily secure you a career in acting and you will have to be prepared for many hard years and maybe no career at all. Could you handle that?

    *Maybe don't do midwifery but definitely consider some vocational careers.*

    I can totally see your dad's point about vocational degrees although I'm not sure of his thought process behind choosing nursing/midwifery if your passion is drama.

    YOU have to make the decision about what to study as YOU will be paying for it and doing the uni work. If you start a degree you never wanted to do its most likely you will drop out anyway.

    As has already been said a drama degree is much less likely to get you into a stable career. However if it is your passion and you are fully aware of career prospects, then I think you should still go for it. It depends if you like to have things planned out way in advance or are happy going moment to moment with jobs etc I think!

    Maybe consider looking at some other courses with a vocational basis that relate to drama and see what you think of them, or drama combined with another subject? For example one of my friends studied music with maths so it was pretty much half and half.

    In the end you need to make up your own mind though thinking about what will make you happy in the future.

    your dad is just trying to help... drama students have pretty rubbish prospects after graduating, it's not a respected degree and actually trying to break into acting is incredibly hard and financially unstable - people always say to do what you enjoy but you do have to think about what happens afterwards and what career you will be able to have, I love art but I didn't study it at university because of the same reasons your dad doesn't want you to do drama

    there are lots of jobs where you can try and use your dramatic skills e.g. pediatric nursing, teaching

    I would go to the open days and have a serious think about your career options, show your dad you're willing to discuss it and consider his point of view - if you're still set on drama, well it's your life and your 50k debt so do whatever you want... but you should take the choice seriously and your dad is more likely to respect your decision if it looks like you have thought carefully about it
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