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What is the hardest videogame you have ever played?

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    (Original post by hamza772000)
    lol never noticed that but yh they do make it really hard deliberately...
    Idk, maybe I'm just bad at tackling, but seriously, I can't tackle them for a lot of the match but as soon as they get an advantage play, I take the ball off them just like that but then the ref gives them a free-kick!!

    (Original post by Samii123)
    I'm surprised no one has said dark souls yet.
    Dark Souls for real. First boss fight, Taurus Demon was a real wake up call. Capra Demon pretty early on also set the bar where you need to know it's at. Gaping Dragon, aka Vagina face, was insane to you work out the strat. Pinwheel was just brutal. Love that game. Solid gameplay, and lore if you care to dig deep for it.

    Praise the sun :badger:

    (Original post by Samii123)
    I'm surprised no one has said dark souls yet.
    It's not that hard tbh. There are some brutal parts, but a lot of it is standard difficulty. I think a lot of people say it's hard because gaming media outlets constantly pushed the idea that Demon's Souls and Dark Souls were the hardest games of all time, but they are far from it.
    It's not the difficulty that makes it my favourite game, but the reward and punishment, there are many games with a similar difficulty to Dark Souls, but they aren't as rewarding and don't punish for fails.

    (Original post by rimstone)
    COD WAW-Veteran, I didnt finish it, was way too hard. your more likely to run out of ammo and die while trying to get some from the endless swarm of japs .
    And don't forget the endless grenades, the fifth mission burn 'em out was a real pain, very satisfying though.
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Updated: September 14, 2016
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