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Kate Upton "Not standing up to the national anthem is disgraceful"

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    hey this is the freedom of speech/expression that you all cried for during the charlie hebdo attacks. don't complain now when people choose to exercise that right...

    it when you realise had this happened the following week no one would really give 2 f**ks

    Good for him; the alt-right nationalist fools need to stop whining all the time over trivial nonsense.

    (Original post by Aniki_)
    The national anthem represents EVERYBODY in the country. Yes, it's in your rights to not stand during it, but doing so is disrespectful to those who gave you those rights in the first place.
    It depends on what rights you are referring to. It was the suffragettes and feminists who fought for my right to be equal to men, as a woman. Since when did a national anthem about saving a queen who was not elected into power represent them?

    I find it funny that Americans care so much. It's not like he took a dump in their breakfast, he simply didn't stand for a meaningless two minutes. Wake me up when N. Korea launches nukes or Donald Trump leaves his wife for a black man

    The people who fought for my rights are those I respect. They are the ones who fought in the wars. They are the ones whom I help on a day to day basis. I make blankets all year round for them for when winter comes because for many of them it's a question of "eat or heat". I check on my elderly neighbours and ensure they have a hot meal and can get their shopping and often have to use my pension to help them out.
    All of you here who are bleating on about MY disrespect, when was the last time you did anything to help those who fought for your rights? It's easy to sit behind a computer and crap on about a woman and her dysfunctional family who lives very well compared to many of those of her own age.
    I save my respect for those who are deserving of it.
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Updated: September 15, 2016
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