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Medicine or Biomedical sciences?

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    So, I've kinda run into a problem I was never expecting. For the last few years I've had my heart set on doing Biomed at uni. Thats what Ive focused my course choices round, my university applications, thats what ive been focused on when i've been to all my open days. I never really considered medicine. My twin brother is applying to medicine so I know quite a lot about the admissions, but I never really thought it was for me.

    Until yesterday...

    Im currently doing some work experience in Guy's Hospital in London. Yesterday I spent time shadowing a consultant in one of her clinics - and it was incredible. Suddenly, I feel like I want to apply to medicine. But i dont know. Would that be throwing away everything I've worked towards? What if i didnt apply to biomed and then got rejected from medicine? What if i got into medicine and then within the first year realised I made the wrong choice and I was right at the start?

    My question really is, how did you know medicine is right for you, and what do I need to do to make certain that its right for me?

    Any advice? Thanks

    You can put biomed as a 5th choice on your form and hold it as insurance if you are lucky enough to get a medicine offer. Clock is ticking for UCAS if you want to apply for medicine you've only got a month and you will need to get a UKCAT test booked asap.
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Updated: September 14, 2016
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