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EU wants its own army

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    The EU is like a vampire, sucking the life, money and power out of all its member countries

    (Original post by Duncan2012)
    This is exactly the sort of nonsense why I voted leave. The British Army serves Her Majesty, not some unelected ex-politician from Luxembourg. We're already part of NATO. The breath-taking arrogance of the whole EU project is beyond belief, and is a long, long way from what it was originally set up to do.
    I know its been done before but thought this is just too good to miss up on.
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    Whether people are anti-monarchy or not, the Queen is still the head of state of this country and that's who the armed forces ultimately take their orders from.

    (Original post by Duncan2012)
    Whether people are anti-monarchy or not, the Queen is still the head of state of this country and that's who the armed forces ultimately take their orders from.

    When forces personnel attest, they swear an oath to the queen.

    Any officers (Unless warrant) hold the queens commision.

    So creating an EU army would become vastly problematic when considering the EU army would not be serving the queen. That would leave all service personnel needing to do some sort of equivalent oath and it would bring a question mark over the roles of officers considering they were commisioned via the queen and not through the EU.

    (Original post by alevelstresss)
    What is actually wrong with that? It would make for some more effective foreign policy, as no countries right now would risk sending significant parts of their armies to combat terrorism.
    Ummmm, the EU has demonstrated itself absolutely incompetent when it comes to foreign policy, diplomacy, and conflict resolution. If they can't even agree on a trade deal how can they manage to agree to go to war, even though the policy will be to not actually use the army.
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Updated: September 14, 2016
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