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Forced to do BTEC, do I have options next year?

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    In simple, I only got 4 GCSEs and so my options was very limited due to the fact I failed my english lang and maths, I'm retaking both of these and are confident over english language but I am going to revise INTENSELY to get atleast a C in my maths.

    Now I was told during my interview that if I get my A*-C's in english and maths, and then my D*-P in my BTEC I would be able to do A levels, now my current teacher talks so much about a BTEC Level 3 to me where I just want to do my original A Levels choices I wanted to do.

    Is it possible for me to do a complete change starting my second year into doing first year A Levels or am I limited now?

    Simple solution which is what I done :
    AS/Year 12 - 3 AS Levels alongside a BTEC
    Results day - Do good in everything, drop the BTEC
    A2/Year 13 - Work for three A-Levels
    Leave with 3 A-levels and a BTEC certificate.
    Uni = No problem

    But I think you have to be honest with yourself- why did you fail those GCSEs?

    While there will be people who turned 4 GCSEs into a good degree via what Lee did, that's only really possibly if a) you failed because you were lazy and b) those results shocked you enough to pull your finger out.

    IF you didn't do so well due to ability issues, AS/A2 are not for you. It's a huge leap from GCSE to AS which is why some colleges won't let you on their AS course without at least a B in the GCSE, plus a decent across-the-board GCSE pass profile.

    Your teacher talking BTEC level 3 is probably got your best interests at heart, and recognises that 4 GCSEs isn't that great as a basis for AS/A2 levels.

    Anything is possibly (within reason!) but you have to be honest with yourself about why you failed.

    I have enrolled several students in the exact same situation as you this year and a couple of assignment in I can clearly see that A Levels would definitely have killed them off! Some are retaking Maths and English and a couple of Level 2 BTEC courses in order to increase their GCSE and Level 2 grades, they are doing ok. I have one student who insisted he could do BTEC Level 3 and he is now really struggling even though we have only done one assignment todate.

    As one of the other posters said, you really have to be honest with yourself as to why you failed in the first place. Another thing to think about is that most A Level subjects are now linear and you wont sit an exam for two years. You will also be enrolled onto the New BTEC Level 3 which will incorporate an exam and controlled assessments, so it wont be easy either.
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Updated: October 3, 2016
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