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Weirdest, scariest, strangest situation you've been involved in

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    Last year there was this homeless deaf, mute and mentally challenged guy that sat next to me on the train. He sat next to me and started hugging me until I had too get off my next stop. He was a nice guy, but people were staring at me. made me feel uncomfortable. the staring, that is.

    I worked in a bookstore and a drunk guy came in, went upstairs where we couldn't see him and picked up a book, then tried to pretend someone got it for him as a gift and "I can get a refund for it, yeah?" My colleague and I politely refused, of course, so he started throwing books at us and around the store. He left after a little while and we started to tidy up. It was very surreal at that point because I had to go around reassuring our other customers and they all asked me how I managed to not seem bothered by any of it; even my colleague was astounded that I hadn't flinched even when a book passed my head by about a centimetre. I guess I never really considered before how different my attitude toward dangerous situations is. Had to contemplate that one for a while.
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Updated: September 14, 2016
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