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UKCAT scores 2016 for 2017 entry

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    Hey I'm just curious as to how people have done in the UKCAT this year so I can get an idea what the average score and thresholds for the year may be? I got:

    VR - 670
    QR - 760
    AR -680
    SJT - Band 1

    Total - 2110/2700

    With a scaled score out of 3600 , there would be some years where I wouldn't meet the interview threshold for Newcastle and so I'm not sure if I should take the risk with applying there? I'm also applying to Birmingham, Edinburgh and Liverpool. I don't know if I should apply to a BMAT uni for my forth. Thoughts?

    Hi, I did OK this year got:

    VR- 570
    QR- 830
    AR- 800

    Total - 2200/ 2700

    From my experiences last year I wouldn't advise applying to Edinburgh since they have ridiculously high criteria. Last year all my friends had really good applications but they all got rejected from Edinburgh except for one girl that had like 8 A's at Advanced Higher. I applied to Birmingham last year and got an interview so you'll easily get an interview this year. Couldn't tell you anything about BMAT sorry.

    You all did so well I got just over 630 overall I'm gonna cry should I even bother T_T

    (Original post by may_socio)
    You all did so well I got just over 630 overall I'm gonna cry should I even bother T_T
    I only got 642.5 last year and still ended up with 2 interviews one of them being Birmingham so you should definitely apply this year. Good luck this year!!

    Liverpool are ps heavy, i also think Manchester could be good with your UKCAT, but there are other factors. As a fourth, I think you should apply to Sheffield, they are ranking UKCAT this year and it should be safe there. I could try to give other suggestions with more stats

    If you want some data check out the prelim results and the TSR poll (although this is always higher). Best of luck guys

    I got 636.7 for my average
    VR - 560
    QR - 650
    AR - 700
    SJ - Band 2

    I am considering applying to the following unis for medicine:
    Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen and Edinburgh

    what are my chances of getting in
    thanks for the help

    Hey guys, I got:

    VR: 600
    QR: 890
    AR: 770

    Which is 2260/2700 or 753.3 average

    Thinking if Edinburgh but it's the only UKCAT Uni I'm looking at. Got AAAA at AS too

    670 average, band 1SJT, A*A*A* achieved

    VR- 650

    I got
    VR - 680
    QR - 890
    AR - 880
    SJ - Band 1

    I'm not happy with the VR, mainly due to the fact that I am an international student. I don't know how competitive it would be tbh
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Updated: October 7, 2016
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