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Why can't we all get along?

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    I look at aspects of other societies and the difference is beautiful, I love the little things that each culture has.

    How come people want to be sexist/racist/homophobic and stuff? Difference to the norms should be embraced.


    Because life would not be exciting without beef

    I'm a Christian. I can't give you empirical proof that what I believe in is true, so I'm not going to go around trying to convert you to Christianity; if God wants to do that, s/he'll have a plethora of ways to do so - me pestering you will have the opposite effect to that which was desired.

    Often, however, Christians feel that they should take that evangelism as a responsibility for themselves, not out of malice but out of a genuine belief in their faith, and a genuine belief that they are helping others. Society judges Christianity by the most extreme, the 'holier than thou' type of person, and often that's the label we get. In reality, I and most Christians do not have that attitude - we'd like to bring you to our faith because it's a genuine belief that this is right, but we're not going to pester you to repent and convert.

    The same thing is said for other groups of people - they are judged by their most extreme. This creates fear and anger, creating division between people.

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