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Dissertation Ideas Needed!!!

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    I'm currently starting my BA in Education and Training (part time). This is my 3rd year at university as I have previously completed my Foundation Degree in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools. Everyone on my course has decided what they are going to do theirs on apart from me. I'm so worried I'm going to be behind before I even start. I'm even starting to have doubts that I shouldn't be doing this course because I cant choose a topic . Any help or advise will be greatly received! I haven't seen a dissertation and feel like I'm going in totally blind. I'm also the youngest student in my group.

    Thanks for reading!!

    Emma(stressed student)

    Hello Emma, I would think about a way you feel you could improve your teaching skills and/or improve the students learning and work from that. For example, in my teaching I felt students had poor metacognitive skills, so did my research on ways to improve students metacognitive skills.

    In hindsight this was perhaps too specific but you easily generalise a similar topic. Off the top of my head other areas would be to look into assessment or using technology in the class rooom.
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    Thank you. I was watching something on the t.v about children and sex education. Do you think that would be a good topic- should children be taught sex education in primary schools/ at a young age. We have the biggest teenage pregnancy rate in western Europe, other countties teach sex ed from 5 years old. I think it will be quite interesting plus there will be lots of opinions, arguments for and against what do people think?

    Choosing a topic can be most difficult as it determines the first research for which you’ll be known for your dissertation. For this you have to choose a subject in which you are good at for making a successful research report.

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