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Sex with boyfriend

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    Basically we've haven't had sex in 5 days which isn't that long but the last time we did it it was anal and said can I just go for it as in just *** and the last two times we have had vaginal sex he hasn't ***.
    I've tried iniating it and he keeps saying no I don't want to or not now and it's embarrassing when he says that because it makes me feel like ****.
    Like it makes me feel like he dosnt want to be with me and finds me rank.
    Also I tired Initiating it earlier and he was like nah I don't want to even tho his dick was up like I'm sorry but it's up what do u except me to think it ain't even warm it's cold in the room so like ?
    Also i make jokes about sex a lot like innuendos and **** but he don't say anything he just laughs and says it not all about sex which I know it isn't we go for meals cinema and cuddle and **** without ****ing.
    Yet he litro don't wanna do it anymore, I know it's like if he don't want it he need to do it cuz if he don't wanna that fair but it's everytime )) I need sex aswell and if I say oh I'll just mastuebatong he gets pissed off but I'm horny af and he ain't delivering so what else should I do you know?
    He's 20 I'm 19 and we been together a year we don't live with each other but we see each other a lot like 4 days a week

    dont mean this in an offensive way as in stereotyping gay people but is it possible he might be secretly gay?

    Reverse the genders in this situation:

    We'll have a load of SJW's and WhiteKnights commenting about how this is 'emotional abuse' towards the girl and he shouldn't be pressuring her to have sex. And that he should 'get a grip' and that he's 'pathetic and she deserves better".
    They will conclude their rant with


    Their comment will then go forth and bask in an abundance of reps due to the social nature of the internet in 2016.
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Updated: September 15, 2016
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