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Why are teachers so commonly left leaning?

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    I've always wondered why teachers and schools in general are so liberal, can somebody provide any ideas?

    I would wager that left-wing people typically care more about the well-being of others. Teaching is an underpaid and demanding profession with no real reward, it would seem, other than knowing you are, well, teaching people, and therefore helping them in some way (hopefully..).

    left-leaning and liberal are not synonymous. If anything the more left you go the less liberal you become.

    Though teaches are perhaps more likely to be both I would say that teachers are probably not as left-wing as you might infer from what happens at union conferences. Surveys have shown there is a very significant number of tory supporters there.

    because they're marxists paid by the state to shill

    Because most of them are lazy adult children who like a summer vacation while hiding behind the noble cause of "helping/educating the children".

    Very few of them teach because that is what they genuinely want to do. However, there are teachers who have had private sector experience and still chose teaching. Unlike the rest of their worthless leeching colleagues, they are worth their weight in gold.

    it comes from years of standing at that side of the blackboard
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Updated: September 16, 2016
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