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Exeter to Durham long distance relationship

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    5 days ago my boyfriend went to uni. We've been together for just over 2 years.But now we're a 8+ hour car journey away from eachother. I keep crying and looking at my phone, I just want to talk to him. We've spoken every day on the phone. I know thats sounds like alot but we lived a 3 minute walk from eachother before, seeing eachother everyday.

    Now he hardly texts me (once every 6 hours) but is always online on facebook messenger and says its because he's talking to course mates. My arguement is if you can text them, can't you take 30seconds to text me? Its me putting in all the effort at the moment.

    I start uni in 2 weeks time. We'll see eachother every 5 weeks. So I'm wondering if anyone has survived a ldr and any advice? Will it get easier after his freshers and he starts lectures?

    I really love him. And he says he loves me. But i feel like I'm grieving. He's all i think about, and my friends have all started uni too so I have no one

    Please help, I do not want to break up. I want to try and make this work

    (Original post by nobodycarescarla)
    5 days ago my boyfriend went to uni
    Nobody cares Carla

    Just kidding! This is a toughie, particularly given how long you've been together, how regular the contact has been, and how close you clearly feel you've become (albeit that it's clear you’re not convinced he loves you, and we all know how important it is to judge people by their actions, not their words, when it comes to love)

    Unfortunately, all you can do is give him some space and time, and hope that things pick up once freshers is out the way, aye. Ultimately, he will invest to the extent that he feels is right and worthwhile, there's little/nothing you can do to influence this and, quite often, the more you may try, the more problems this may throw up for you both

    I commented on the topic just the other day, you might like to check out this guide, and my additional thoughts on it. It’s premature to break up at this stage but is certainly a good time to have a serious talk. Really important to check in and agree conventions/boundaries etc so there can be no mistakes

    All the best
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