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Something I don't understand

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    When you go on dates right say to a restaurant or a pub or a cinema or anywhere, how do you decide who pays for what? I don't get it, isn't it really awkward talking about splitting a bill or whatever? Part of me is dreading dating someone because of the awkward part of when it comes to paying on dates? Is there some unspoken rule on paying etiquette? I don't get it help

    When I've gone on a date, I've just asked. . Yeah, it was awkward. But it was better than making an assumpton over who was paying.

    Automatically assume you're going to go halves and just say 'let's split the bill' unless the other person insists on paying, in which case be appreciative!

    As a female this is how I play it:
    Bill arrives I offer to pay, guy usually says no no ill get this then I say no ill pay half, guy insists again. I let guy pay.

    Just to be clear I don't let the guy pay everytime but if its a first date I usually do. I also don't think any less of a guy who lets me pay or lets me pay half.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    how do you decide who pays for what?
    If you're chivalrous you offer to pay (and hope she'll insist on "at least let me pay my share") :top2:

    I'm female. Personally I hate taking from people so I just say ''Oh I'll get that'' and grab the card machine when the waiter/waitress comes with it OR if it's a coffee shop I stand in front of the guy in line with my cash/card in my hand and let him order the stuff and then hand the server the money. Some guys are thinking like me and want to pay - so we both go for the card machine or try to get first in line, so in those cases I say "let's split this", if they're the assertive type and want to pay they say "no it's fine" and at that point I say "okay, thank you" otherwise it becomes awkward. I don't ever assume someone is taking me out to pay for me. I always at least try to pay for my half.

    I remember a guy took me for coffee - his suggestion - and I payed. He obviously wanted to, but I just jumped in there before him. He looked quite hurt really. So in some cases, I've learned that some guys want to be that guy who pays. But it's really hard to judge so I just take control and pay at least my half unless they insist.

    PS. I'm terrible at dating, so my advice might be pointless.
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Updated: September 15, 2016
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