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Would this put you off?

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    So I am seeing this guy. Last Wednesday he asked me if I wanted to go and stay at his. He lives around 45 minutes from me, it was late so there was no buses and the only option was a taxi. He said to me that he would pay for a taxi for me aslong as I give him the money back. I felt a little weird about him asking for me to pay him back but I agreed either way.

    The taxi came to £24. He paid and I stayed, had a good night etc etc.

    I didn't get paid until the Friday. On the Thursday he text me saying ''have you got my money yet?'' I said no, I don't get paid until Friday..... He didn't text me back. Friday came and he text me at 7:26 am asking me for his money. I said I wouldn't be able to get it to him today as I am really busy but will Saturday be ok? He literally replied with a ''K''.....

    Saturday came and I text him first saying I've got your money I'm coming to give it you now etc etc...As soon as I gave it to him his mood changed towards me, he became more of his normal self, flirting with me, touching me etc etc but I don't know I felt pretty put off by this point.

    I can understand him wanting his money back, like I know some people are weird with money but I felt very pressurised by him and I wouldn't treat someone like that. If it was the other way round I probably wouldn't even expect it back. I don't want him to think just because I'm a girl that I expect everything to be paid for me but at the same time it just makes me feel a bit weird idk. It's not like it was a HUGE amount of money, it was only £24.

    Do I confront him about being a **** about the money?

    Would you be put off?

    You can confront him but only if he tries to offer you money again just say you don't like how last time he was on your case about it really bad. But I mean seriously it's 24 measly quid, everyone spends more than that on a typical night out I don't see why he didn't just let it slide? I'm sure you made it worth his while anyway haha
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Updated: September 15, 2016
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