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Mitigation Circumstances

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    I handed in a re-submission assignment 40 minutes late leading to a 10% automatic deduction. I have spoken to my course leader and he thinks I should file for mitigating circumstances. During this year I have suffered from depression and anxiety, however, recently it has got dramatically worse and my medication dosage has been increased. The effects from my depression and anxiety have severely impacted my ability to write assignments due to the mood I have been in. As well as this, I handed my assignment in late due to my boyfriends mum (who I am extremely close to) having to be taken into A and E by my boyfriend and I. She had been in hospital the week before with an abcess of her wisdom tooth; she underwent surgery, however, needed care afterwards which I helped her with. The night before my assignment was due in, she experienced severe pain which meant we had to take her to hospital to ensure everything was alright. Due to taking her and waiting for several hours I had no sleep so was very disorientated the following day leading to the late submission.

    Is this sufficient to file for mitigation?
    (should I include my mental health due to this being previously accepted for mitigating circumstances, however, in this instance it has got worse)

    What evidence should I get?
    - my medication prescription
    - a letter from my boyfriends mother
    - a hospital letter from my boyfriends mother
    Anything else?
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Updated: September 16, 2016
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