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How much do computer science graduates on average earn ?

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    (Original post by TrojanH)
    Well, I've not exactly been to any and the hackathons websites aren't very explicit, activities vary from giving presentation, to Working on existing code. It's all very vague stuff so I'm not really sure what happens in hackathons.
    You turn up, find a group to latch onto, and code/come up with something. Some of them have themes or general focuses but overall it's just raw creativity.

    (Original post by UWS)
    Easily Goldman Sachs...
    Goldman doesn't pay that much to techies

    Some of these salaries are probably more suited for senior roles in those companies. Unless of course you're very experienced and possess very impressive technical skills. I don't think many graduates would be earning more than 50k fresh out of uni (some do of course but only a minority).

    Graduate schemes offer less but offer a more secure path to a permanent role at the company and you gain more exposure at the same time. When I applied to various companies, the standard salary at a graduate scheme is between 22k-35k, I wouldn't expect any more from a graduate to be honest. I earn in the higher end of that range and at a top tech company so I think that's something the OP should consider when applying
    Nah, most of these are from friends with grad offers. I collated about 100-150 data points - there wouldn't be much use in providing senior level data points to a post about grad salaries.

    Indeed, some do, at the top tech companies - e.g. Facebook's offer for an E3 (entry level engineer) is: £59k base + £0 - £17k signing bonus (depends on interview) + 10% annual bonus + ~$25k a year in stock grants. So total recurring comp of: ~£84k

    Google's is: £50k base + 250 Google stock units over 4 years (or 63 stock units a year) + ~£5-15k signing + 10% bonus (with a multiplier of 1.2-1.4x depending on performance). Total recurring comp of: ~£90k

    Very different to e.g. Morgan Stanley Glasgow which is ~£26k or IBM London which is ~£30k or CHP Consulting which is ~£40k.

    You get my point.

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    (Original post by UWS)
    You work in a telecoms company dude, slightly different to strictly software or web.

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Updated: September 17, 2016
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