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How to best get payback on my mum (in the non physical sort of way) for this?

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    I've been suffering from some mental health issues over the past three years, and EVERY single place my mum has recommended for me to go to so I can supposedly gain new friends has been with autistic men who range from 30 to 50 years old and either have the mindset of two or three years old or otherwise just people I cannot relate to. :unimpressed:

    I'm mostly the opposite of them type of people, I have very varied interests, actually hate fixed routines, actually do have a few friends, (although my mum acts in denial and says that I don't), love different types of sports, am a very clever person so I've been praised as being by so many, although I try to avoid boring people with my knowledge, have an excellent sense of humor in a variety of different situations, and very rarely talk monotonously or like a computer script voice would.

    But as soon as I try and be friends with more ordinary people like myself and a similar age range (I'm 24 almost), my mum takes to saying she has concerns for my safety to all her friends on Facebook. None of the friends I have have ever been nasty to me or even tried to take advantage of me in any way.

    I have started chatting with a girl at a gym I go to, and this isn't very well received by my mum.

    Although I don't live with her anymore, it's degrading seeing what she puts on Facebook about me, and then her friends talking to me like I'm 70 years old with dementia! :unimpressed:

    She doesn't get the picture she is upsetting me so I was wondering if there is anything I can do to make her feel equally as upset as payback without resorting to any physical violence?

    Report her FB account and get it shut down. Or call up Light Yagami. Pretty sure Death Note can resolve all cases.

    Just kidding.
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    (Original post by L-Lawliet)
    Report her FB account and get it shut down. Or call up Light Yagami. Pretty sure Death Note can resolve all cases.

    Just kidding.
    Or if I can just get her offending posts eliminated.
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Updated: September 17, 2016
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