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sequenceii's escape from mediocrity at AS

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    sequenceii's escape from mediocrity at AS (and maybe A2)

    Hello everyone. I recently received my GCSE results and wasn't especially pleased. I managed to hold some crazy high expectations without even revising properly. For some subjects I didn't even learn the content until the night before. I understand at AS and A2 this must definitely change.

    I didn't do as good as I could have, which may hamper my ability of getting into Oxbridge, but it's the past now. I went to quite a terrible school where, despite not taking them seriously, managed to get the second best GCSEs at the school!

    So, these two years I'll give it my all and see what I can achieve. Of course I would love to get A*A*A* at the end of these two years, but I think it's best to be realistic and take it one step at a time. I won't update too often as I'm terrible with stuff like this, but thank you for reading nonetheless!
    AS Levels:
    I moved 6th forms and I've decided to study Maths, Computer Science, Chemistry, and Physics. All of these subjects seem quite difficult, but they open doors for me, since I don't have a clue regarding what I want to do at university. Of course the AS target is AAAA, but I don't know the true level of work yet so maybe my expectations and targets will become more realistic later on.


    What I achieved at GCSE:
    English Language - A*
    English Literature - A
    IT - Dist*
    Maths - A
    Chemistry - A
    Biology - A*
    History - A
    Computing - A*
    Spanish - A
    Geography - A*
    Physics - A*

    So, 6A*s and 5As. I know they're not terrible grades, but by TSR standards, they're not the best. It's a little painful because with Maths, Spanish, and History I was very close to an A*. However, I don't really mind too much!
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    Today wasn't the best day, but I have a chemistry test tomorrow! Not prepared for it at all. I'm going to have more time on my hands now so I can study a lot more than I have been. I want to get a lot of work done by this Saturday.

    Time of flight mass spectrometry and percentage abundance needs to be mastered. I'm very clueless with AS chemistry at the moment, so I need to make sure I understand everything.

    Computer Science
    Need to work on my programming skills, I haven't used the language we're using in a while so I'm quite unfamiliar with everything. Other than that though, doesn't seem too bad.

    Very behind on C1 and M1. Need to catch up fast.

    Quite behind on my practicals and need to put more effort in overall.

    Not looking good at the moment, but it's still early doors and I should be properly sorted by next week. A lot of things are happening at the moment I just need things to settle down and get into a proper routine, but it needs to happen fast. Any tips or stuff would be massively appreciated!
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Updated: September 18, 2016
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