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Clinton or Trump. Two evils?

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    Another enlightening video from Nathanael Kapner.

    I have never heard any person who is religious enough to wear religious clothing who I have thought is particularly intelligent.

    Clinton is not evil. She's certainly extremely ambitious, and she is not as progressive as I would like, but I do not think she is an evil person who wants bad things to happen to people. Over the years she has put up a protective shell around her, if you go back to the early 1990s you saw the real Hillary Clinton, who was super-passionate about universal healthcare and early childhood education. She was put in charge of Bill Clinton's universal healthcare initiative, and she was absolutely savaged by hysterical, frothing-at-the-mouth politicians who were in receipt of large contributions from HMOs. During the 1990s she also had to suffer ludicrous accusations that she and Bill had their friend Vince Foster murdered (he committed suicide).

    They were hounded about a small property transaction (Whitewater) on which the lost money, and they opened up the books entirely and there was nothing to it. Hillary Clinton was the subject of bizarre attacks from Republican proxies that she was a practicing witch, that she decorated the White House christmas tree with crack pipes and phalluses (because, you know, those Clintons... ffs, people will believe anything about them), that she "hated stay-at-home Mums" merely because she defended having her own career. I'm pretty sure that Hillary Clinton was scarred, maybe traumatised, by the extreme attacks on her. Watch early interviews of her and she comes across as really genuine, passionate, highly-intelligent. That got her in trouble from rabid Republicans, the attacks started and she withdrew into the coccoon.

    What is interesting is that when she is actually in office, whether in Arkansas during Bill's 11 years as governor (she was given a lot of policy responsibilities), or as Senator of New York or Secretary of State, she is widely respected and has high approval ratings. It's only when she goes campaigning (which she is clearly not very good at) she the whole machine falters and her approval ratings plummet. I have no doubt that if Hillary Clinton is elected president, she will be overall quite a good president but there will be one major scandal around transparency or shredding of documents or something like that. Of course if you look at her in the scheme of things, compared to the obscene levels of corruption in the LBJ White House, in the Nixon White House (incidentally, both were very good presidents) and the cover up and illegality in the Reagan White House... comparing her to that she is much cleaner.

    Edit: Watch this video of Clinton from 1992, she's much less guarded and more outspoken. She got burned as a result and is now much more careful. As I said, I think she was to a degree traumatised. Also look at the words they use about her, "Power behind the throne", "aggressive woman", "overly ambitious" (as if that is a bad thing). I think she was and is judged by a double standard on account of her sex


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Updated: September 17, 2016
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