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going into STEM vs art at university

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    I think I’ve always been expected to go into STEM, which is how I’ve ended up going for Engineering at Oxford. thing is, I don’t think I’ve ever had any actual “passion” (as ambiguous as that is) for engineering. I mean, it’s a cool course with financially-secure prospects and I definitely have the good grades to get into a decent university, but I feel like I’m being carried along with everything. I’ve always enjoyed maths and physics because it’s satisfying and i’m good at it, but i’ve never really been that interested in it.
    Which is why I’m suddenly unsure about engineering and I’m playing around with the idea of doing a foundation course. Art and illustration is something that I’m really passionate about and that I’ve always wanted to do as a career. I don’t really doubt that I’d do pretty well and that I’d really enjoy doing it, but I’ve been under so much pressure to do STEM and oxbridge that I never stopped to consider if this was the “right” decision. I feel like I'd be faking my interest throughout all of my interviews.

    basically: has anyone else gone through this, and ended up doing art instead of STEM at university? Do you regret it? Do you ever miss maths?

    I've had a very similar experience, though the completely opposite situation from you at the moment! I adored maths and physics, and really wanted to become an astronomer. But no matter how hard I tried, physics and maths were just too difficult for me so in the end I am studying graphic design since design is something that I can do. But here I am now, currently creating work for the likes of ESA, ESO, and NASA/Hubble, as well as freelancing for other astronomy societies/organisations here and there. Who said dreams don't come true, eh? (: (even if I am only doing menial tasks as an intern... lol)

    I'd personally say your situation is ideal because engineering has a very vast network of career opportunities for you, even ones you've probably never thought of/considered. You can still go into illustration if you have a good portfolio, and you can always go back into engineering as a back up if illustration doesn't work out. Good luck! (:


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Updated: September 23, 2016
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