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Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children, Improved or Ruined?

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    Hi I created this post to discuss the new film for Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children. I wanted to know what people felt about the film compared to the original book and whether the film is even particularly worth watching.

    I have read the original book before the film deal was announced and so upon hearing the Miss Peregrine was going to be made into a film and not only any film but a Tim Burton film I was overjoyed.

    However as more and more info and previews for the film are being released I have become much more skeptical and worry that the film will differ to far from the book to even be reconcilable.

    WARNING Spoilers for the book ahead.
    Out of all the changes the trailers seem to depict the one that annoys me the most is Jacob and Olive becoming lovers rather than Jacob and Emma. This irritates me greatly as Olive in the books still acts as a child whereas Emma seems to fit Jacob's age perfectly. Furthermore what makes Jacob and Emma a great couple is Emma's fiery (no pun intended) personalty and i do not see how they can give this to Olive instead. Also it seems to indicate from the trailers that Emma becomes more of a side character than the crucial role she has in the series. From other images released seems to show Olive fighting Dr Golan with the ability to blow a lot of air. This is extremely vexing to me as in the first book Olive is innocent and fragile, she does seem capable of having any fight with a wight.

    It seems to be that they are just swapping Olive and Emma's personalities around and I don't think that I can accept this from a book series that I greatly enjoyed.
    Please tag your spoilers from the books or film when discussing.

    The film is not released in the UK until 30th September so any points made a this point are just speculation. This will be changed once the film is released.

    What I want to know is:

    -Have you read the books?
    -Do you think the changes are better or worse/Which change is your favorite/least favorite?
    -Are you going to see the film?

    (Questions will change when film is released)

    Thanks, Rachel


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Updated: September 18, 2016
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