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Girl at work confuses me :(

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    Hey all im new to TSR and am currently in a confusing situation which i cannot figure out so i hope someone can help me.

    Basically this girl i work with seems to give me mixed feelings.

    To start with she will try too look at me if i am within her view. For example today i popped into work after spending the last two weeks elsewhere just to see how everyone was. I was stood at the door and she kept on looking over. Whe she saw i noticed she looked away. At one point she turned her eyes towards me to get a quick look without moving her head so she could serve customers.

    I was talking to one of her work friends about something random to do with something in the shop and the girl who confuses me came right up behind me and pretty much said my name to interrupt the conversation we was having.

    She will smile at me and yes we do talk at work but not much outside of work. While i was away though we were messaging each other via facebook. However after a while she wont reply to me unless i start the convo again. We will then talk she will see the message and ignore and the process starts over.

    Now many of my friends have said there is something there but me being me doesnt see why there would be. I will ve honest and say she is good looking and i really aint. To me she is way out of my leauge which is why im confused.

    She gives these signs but why would she want me. Am i reading it wrong. We flirt a bit which people have noticed and she will smile and or be rather excited like walking towards me tilting her head side to side. This happens sometimes not a the time.

    I would like to ask would she like to go costa or something but i gey nervous and i dare not ask.

    I would like to get closure though. Can anyone help me with what to do next.

    Sorry its a long post

    Many thanks

    Stop analysing every little thing she does. The only way you'll know if she likes you is if you ask her out. If she says yes, she likes you. If she says no then you misread her signals
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Updated: September 19, 2016
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