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Hard or Soft Brexit?

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    Should Britain go for a hard or soft Brexit? What would be the pros and cons?

    Medium rare.

    From thread title I thought you were using "Brexit" as a euphemism..

    > We can compete with Asia
    > Become a trading power
    > Keep our identity
    > Not being a colony of EU

    > Short term recession
    > Europe countries will hate us
    > Won't be 5th richest economy in the world anymore

    Britain is going to be kicked up and down the field however you try it so does it really make difference...?

    Ideally sofest - i.e. not at all.

    Other than that, I'd like a BINO. Brexit In Name Only. I.e. Britain keeps free movement of capital, goods, services and people but formally exists the union.

    We should do whatever possible to ensure that the UK government controls the UK's borders, not the EU and ensure that we get away from the majority of EU regulations so that UK Parliament has sovereignty. I know we'll have to conform to some rules & regs as we'll still be trading with Europe. I'd also like to see the UK courts having sovereignty over the ECHR.

    If this means we have to do a "hard" Brexit then so be it.

    It's like when you get dumped by a girl and she uses the 'can we just be friends line'. If you go along with her you'll inevitably end up wallowing in self pity, desperately trying to cling on to any scrap of friendship while she uses her girl powers to gradually push you further away.

    Much easier to just say f**k you, end it right there without discussion or argument, walk away and cut communication completely for at least a year.

    Maybe you'll bump into her again in a few years time and you'll be able to raise a smile and laugh about it and both your lives will have moved on, hopefully for the better, rather than being all emo and obsessive about it.


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Updated: September 19, 2016
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