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We're highly likely to be leaving EU/Single Market all together

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    Brexit means brexit, liberal crying forum is down below, click reply.

    Very happy about this. The further we politically distance ourselves from the EU Juncker dictatorship, the better


    0:26 :facepalm:

    Interesting he basically just accused Brexit as xenophobic, but not man enough to call it up front.

    Is he even a trained interviewer/ newsreader?

    Not really

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    IBrexit means..:

    Leaving the single market. Having a free trade Deal but having no say in how it works putting UK companies at a disadvantage as they comply with EU regulation. Reducing immigration- to a limited extent- I'd guess by about 5-10%. Expect more workers coming in on temporary visas as planned by the agricultural department.

    A big loss to London finance as companies relocate to Paris, Dublin of Frankfurt. Expect London to become more 'competitive' (read, more oligarchs).

    The UK pays a small fortune in negotiation costs and legal fees.

    A short recession held off by mass QE from the BoE.

    Cheaper goods from outside Europe particularly from Africa if Liam Fox half capable.

    Less money going into the EU, but again not by that much. Money saved will mostly go into former EU subsidies.

    An agreement where EU citizens in the UK are protected and vice versa.

    In short we'll be comparatively worse off, have a short term decrease in immigration, have cheaper goods in some areas and make London more ghastly.

    We also going to leave the customs union? We'll have to create border checks with Ireland.. that'll go down well.
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Updated: September 20, 2016
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