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What is the definition of posh?

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    Posh people make me physically sick, especially those who put it on.

    (Original post by Dodgypirate)
    Posh people make me physically sick, especially those who put it on.
    So that's posh people, and non-posh people who fake poshness? Can we add posh people who fake non-poshness? That should leave plenty of people in the middle who don't nauseate you.

    Middle class wannabe posh = drinking tea, voting Lib Dem, hating the British working class and holidaying in the South of France

    Actual posh = messy hair, forgetting to shower, voting Tory/UKIP, drug abuse and holidaying in Singapore

    Also joining the military after you graduate for a bit.

    (Original post by 303Pharma)
    Your parents / parent has a decent, well paying, professional job. You grew up in a nice neighborhood. You didn't come from a single parent family (no dis on single parents that loved and took care of their kids), who was a drink and/or drug abuser, on a *****y council estate.

    And you can talk properly, with good grammar and articulation. You don't talk like a ghetto wannabe gangster thug chav. Or have ridiculous visible tattoos. Or piercings Or that ****ing insane big ****ing loophole in the ear thing. Or kids in your teens. Or can't possible spend any time alone, or read a book, you need to be with your 'homies' every waking hour. If you not ****ing random hoes, to add to your STD collection.
    You massively fall into the middle class wannabe tier of my above classification, every single posh person has had an STI, preferably syphilis. If you really want to up your poshboy game, you must have a few mistresses, but also a history of homosexual flings in your youth.
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Updated: September 21, 2016
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