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New i7 Laptop AMA

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    (Original post by Veet Voojagig)
    Ok, but some of us are seasoned professionals in the field and I think this is why people get frustrated when you ignore good advice.

    As for me, I remember the days of the ZX Spectrum and the Commodore 64, when 64k RAM was so awesome. Floppy disks were floppy; disk drives were mostly tape, and I earned street cred for actually having one of those new-fangled hard drive things. We used to have to park the drive heads before moving the computer anywhere, and my friends and I would take the entire PC to each other's houses to play games. Heaven help any of us if our dads found out that we had forgotten to park the drive before transit. I am still alive, thankfully.

    Best of luck with your coding journey. Hope you get as much from it as I have (then change careers twice over because you can )
    Thanks Veet. I don't see what advice i have had which is good. Maybe don't open your laptop up to install extra ram, cos you can wreck it, like i did. And now i have to take it to the repair shop tomorrow to get a quote to fix it.

    Darn. Plus i will attach below the charts of my computer science grades, so you can see how i have been doing so far...


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Updated: September 27, 2016
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