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Half of all Australians want to ban Muslim immigration

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    (Original post by QE2)
    No, the sample size is just right for a 95% level of confidence and a margin of error of 3 Typical resilts criteria).
    See my earlier post where included a screenshot from that very website.
    Also, people are trying to make comparisons to the total population of Australia. This sample was based on the voting population, so we should be discussing the total number of Australians 18+ who are eligible for voting. The government website lists the total Australian population eligible for voting in 2016 was 16.5 million


    (Original post by Another)
    I guess vegetarians and vegans are also banned then
    How about we just get them to draw a picture of old moe?If they refuse then they are muslim simple.
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    (Original post by Robby2312)
    How about we just get them to draw a picture of old moe?If they refuse then they are muslim simple.
    The draw Mohammed test is a valid alternative.

    (Original post by Akamega)
    The one thing I don't get about these immigration policy ideas is how they would execute them. How does one discern between a Muslim and Non-Muslim? Essentially, I think this witch-hunt against Muslims is quickly going to devolve into a racist one.
    Islam isn't a race so calling it a racist witch hunt isn't really the right word to describe it.

    Close-minded people.

    Do they mean Muslim as "follower of the Islamic faith" because it's hard to point out who is a Muslim and who isn't? Let's say they had documents stating their religious faith. They could simply deny being associated with that faith if they feel like their threatened in any way or truthfully they could've left their faith. I'm just trying to think how it would work. If I missed someone's post where they explained it, forgive me I wasn't/am not bothered to go through the pages right now, I'm eating

    (Original post by SHallowvale)
    That's pretty bad.

    I wonder if the 49% ever sat down and considered how a ban on Muslim immigration would actually work.

    Half my family on my dads side are Australian but hold a similar perspective, the statement is simply a refusal of mass muslim migration not a 100% total ban for eternity. At least how I understand the general consensus.

    it's not really surprising Australians hold these views with what's happened to Paris/
    Cologne/Nice/Brussels/Rotherham/London etc over the last few years.

    two or three years ago people were blasting Japan for not taking in thousands of "refugees" now most Australians are holding them as an example to follow. They have remained safe while Europe are struggling to integrate and fund their new arrivals.
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Updated: September 22, 2016
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