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Free Courses For Under 25s

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    Good news for those under 25 that were planning on paying up to a grand for a course this September:


    The colleges I've spoken to so far aren't yet advertising it.

    I'm glad for any under-25s, but isn't that agesit?

    The NHS degree I want to do next year dropped the "older students allowance" grant of £1400 because it was ageist, so how come the government can do this? There's also other grants that 16-19 year olds can get on FE courses, and I'm struggling lilke mad trying to get financial help as a mature student starting Access in September!

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    I think the idea is to extend an age bracket, not to supply extra funds for the 19-25 yr olds. As it says somewhere in the link, some young people haven't quite got their act together before old cut-off age (19). Now they've got a bit more time. In this sense, it can only be considered ageist in the same way government funded education for all young people is.

    Still, I do sympathise with you. Have you heard of learning loans? You borrow them from a regular bank to cover the course fees and expenses and the government pay off the interest whilst you're studying. Actually, I think they're for vocational courses only. And there's the Adult Learning Grant (£30 a week). Sorry, I know it's not much but every little helps.

    Those loans are career development loans and only apply to course such as medicine and dentistry.

    How about an adult learning grant? It would be dependant on household income though, so if you have a partner their income would need to be below £16k for you to get anything.

    College access/hardship funds may also be available.

    Other than that, you may be able to claim benefits, and if your course is more than 24hrs a week you will be exempt from council tax (but if you have a partber they will just get the single adult's discount).

    I was told at my access interview that it would cost £700 to do the course, however, the college is advertising courses in the local paper today and it says this:

    "Many of the courses we offer at College are now available FREE if you meet certain criteria

    - If you have not successsfully completed a Full Level 3 qualification and are aged 19 - 24, you are entitled to study a Full Level 3 course for FREE. A Full Level 3 qualification is often defined as 2 A Levels or an NVQ Level 3"

    The college I worked at offered Access courses for free. Well, there was a £30 admin fee...

    The access course I'm doing next month was free up to last year and this year we have to pay - typical!! It's only £220 so not too bad really. I saw a few that were over £1000!
    But it's so annoying trying to get funding when it all goes by your previous year's earnings! I worked full time last year but this year work six hours a week since having my son, but they don't take that into account


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